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Phind (Search Engine for Developers) adds GPT-4 Support


Today, GPT-4 answers are being launched on, a search engine aimed at developers that utilizes generative AI to browse the web and provide answers to technical questions, complete with code examples and comprehensive explanations. In contrast to the standard GPT-4, Phind incorporates relevant websites and technical documentation, reducing the model's tendency to hallucinate and keeping it current. To utilize this feature, simply activate the "Expert" toggle prior to conducting a search.

GPT-4 offers a significant improvement in answer quality compared to the default model. For a question such as "How can I RLHF a LLaMa model", Phind in Expert mode provides a detailed guide along with citations, while Phind in default mode delivers a more general and less focused response.

GPT-4 is considerably more succinct and "systematic" in its responses than the default model, generating step-by-step instructions over 90% of the time, whereas the default model does not.

Phind is especially targeting machine learning developers, as it is capable of answering questions about numerous recent ML libraries, papers, and technologies that ChatGPT cannot address. Even compared to ChatGPT's alpha browsing mode, Phind is faster and more detailed in responding to technical inquiries.

As an example, when operating in "Expert" GPT-4 mode, Phind can accurately and concisely explain how to run an Alpaca model using llama.cpp, whereas ChatGPT-4 tends to hallucinate and writes a make function for a non-existent llama.cpp.


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